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Special Offers

Special Offers on Kitchen Boards

Half Price Kitchen Board Offer

Order a full price kitchen board in any timber choice available, in sizes

12x18x1.5" (30x45x4cm)
10x15x1.5" (25x37x4cm)
10x15x1" (25x37x2.5cm)

and qualify for another board, the same size or smaller, in the following timbers at half price

Indian Walnut

This offer is based on stock availability.

Special Offer - Limited Period Only

10x15x1" (25x37x2.5cm) Traditional Oak board is offered at a discounted price of £20

As soon as the order is placed, a member of our team will contact you, at this point we will deduct this offer from your total whilst we are taking payment details to enable the processing of your order.

New Board Designs - Available for a limited period


Traditional Oak Boards

Traditional Oak boards with lifting hole, suitable for face engraving

£28.00 12"x14"x1" Special Offers on Traditional Oak Chopping Boards

Pre-engraved board, as shown in picture above with LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH available - £40.00


Oak Circular Boards

Traditional Oak Circular boards, with draining groove

£28.00 12" diax1" Special Offers on Cirular Chopping Boards with draining groove
£34.00 16" diax1"


Traditional Oak Circular boards with finger lifting slots on underside of board

£49.00 16" dia
Special Offers on Cirular Chopping Boards with draining groove Special Offers on Cirular Chopping Boards with finger slots


Unusual Timbers - Whilst Stocks Last


Indian Walnut

A medium grained timber with a rough, to touch finish

1.5" thickness

£50.00 20"x16" Special Offers on Indian Walnut Chopping Boards
£32.00 12"x18"
£24.00 10"x15"
£10.00 8"x12"

1" thickness

£14.00 10"x15"  
£10.00 10"x12"  

Also we have a small amount of non-stock sized boards available, prices available on request.



1.5" thickness - available for draining grooves and face & side engraving

£40.00 12"x17.75" Special Offers on Zebrano Chopping Boards
£50.00 12"x18"
£40.00 11.75"x18"
£38.00 10"x15"
£34.00 9.75"x15"
£32.00 9.25"x15"

1" thickness - face engraving only

£28.00 10"x15"  


Non-stock Boards - Bargain Prices

Here is a selection of boards we have available, our non-stock sizes vary weekly, therefore if you are interested in a non-stock size board, please enquire by email and we can reply with further details email:


1.5" thickness boards

£28.00 12.5"x13.25" Special Offers on Walnut Chopping Boards
£32.00 12"x16"
£23.00 9"x14"
£19.00 8.75"x15"
£19.00 10.75"x11"
£9.00 7"x10.75"
£9.00 6.5"x10.5"
£9.00 5.25"x12"


1" thickness boards

£10.00 8.25"x13"  
£10.00 7.75"x14"
£12.00 10.25"x10.25"


Traditional Oak

1.5" thickness boards

£29.00 9.5"x16.25" Special Offers on Traditional Oak Chopping Boards
£23.00 9"x14"
£13.00 8.5"x13.5"
£10.00 8"x8.75"


1" thickness boards

£9.00 8.25"x11.5"  
£9.00 6.75"x12.25"
£8.00 6.25"x8.75"


2" thickness boards

£34.00 9.75"x15"  
£18.00 8"x12"



1.5" thickness boards

£28.00 12" Dia Round Special Offers on Traditional Oak Chopping Boards
£19.00 11.5"x11.5"
£12.00 7.75"x13.75"
£11.00 8"x10.75"
£9.00 6.5"x10.25"


1" thickness boards

£10.00 9.25"x11"  
£9.00 8.5"x8.5"
£8.00 5"x11"
£8.00 8.5"x8.5"



1.5" thickness boards

£11.00 7.75"x11.75" Special Offers on Traditional Oak Chopping Boards
£10.00 7.25"x9.5"
£10.00 6"x10"
£8.00 5.5"x9.25"


1" thickness boards

£15.00 9.25"x15.25"  
£10.00 8"x12"
£10.00 6"x15"



1.5" thickness boards

£9.00 6"x10.5" Special Offers on Cherry Chopping Boards



1.5" thickness boards

£12.00 11"x11.5" Special Offers on Beech Chopping Boards
£9.00 9.5"9.75"
£12.00 11.255"x11"
£12.00 6.75"x15.5"
£9.00 6.5"x10.75"
£10.00 7"x11.5"


1" thickness boards

£18.00 11.75"x17.75"  
£11.00 11"x12"
£8.00 7"x10.5"
£9.00 8.5"x15"


Yellow Oak

1.5" thickness boards

£20.00 9.5"x13.75" Special Offers on Yellow Oak Chopping Boards
£16.00 7.5"x15"
£12.00 7"x13.75"


1" thickness boards

£10.00 10"x11.5"  
£10.00 8.75"x12.75"
£10.00 8.75"x12"



1.5" thickness boards

£23.00 9"x14" Special Offers on Bamboo Chopping Boards
£19.00 9"x12.5"
£25.00 9.75"x14.25"
£27.00 10"x14"
£30.00 11.25"x16.5"
£19.00 9"x12"


1" thickness boards

£10.00 7.75"x12.25"  
£12.00 9.5"x15"


Wooden T Light Holders

Special Offers on Wooden T Light Holders
7 Hole Walnut, Cherry £16.00 Each
6 Hole Cherry, Maple £14.00 Each
5 Hole Walnut, Maple, Yellow Oak £12.00 Each
4 Hole Walnut, Maple, Beech, Yellow Oak £10.00 Each