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We will not be able to answer phone calls or emails or process orders from 21-26 June, 29-6 July and 10th July 2019.

Durham Boards

1 Grange Hill Farm
Bishop Auckland
Co Durham
DL14 8EG

Orders: 0797 327 0485
General: 01388 603416
Fax: 01388 603416

Care Instructions

How to care for a wooden Durham Kitchen Board

To maintain their beauty and durability, the board needs to be oiled frequently with a vegetable oil or food safe mineral oil.

Pour the oil onto the board, cover the whole area, both faces and all edges and allow to soak in overnight. The oil will absorb into the wood. Continually oil the board until no more oil can be absorbed.

The board should not be soaked in water or washed in a dishwasher, as excessive subjection to water, as with any wood item may have an adverse effect on it.

By following this advice your board should offer you many years of service.